Engagement Information Form

This form should be turned in by noon Wednesday before the Sunday it is to be published.
The wedding story will cover more background information.

A photograph of the bride-elect and the future bridegroom, or one of the future bride only may be used. You must furnish the picture. It needs to be black and white, or a sharp colored photo. The picture may be picked up the Monday afternoon following publication on Sunday. It may be returned by mail if accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

For more information contact the lifestyles editor at the Snyder Daily News at (325)573-5486.

Please leave a phone number to call if there are any questions about your information:

Work: _______________________   Home: _______________________

  Future Bride's Name:

  Her Parent's Names and Residence:

  Future Groom's Name:

  His Parent's Names and Residence:

  Who is announcing the engagement?

  Wedding Date:



Please print out and mail to:
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