Wedding Information Form

Use the following form to describe your wedding, omitting any questions that do not pertain to your ceremony.

If you have more information than will fit in the provided lines, please use additional paper, double-spaced and typed preferred but can be legibly written.

Give the resident city for all persons not living in Snyder. The wedding must have Scurry Country connections. Please double check spelling of names and cities.

Also, give the relationship of the persons involved with the wedding. For example: sister, uncle, cousin, etc.

Remember Wednesday is the deadline for publication in the Weekend Edition. All publications are subject to space available and editorial approval and editing.

Please list telephone numbers in case there are any questions:

Work: _________________________________________

Home: _________________________________________

Please print out and mail to:
The Snyder Daily News
P.O. Box 949
Snyder, Texas 79550

  Bride's full name and city of residence:
  (Underline first name used)

  Groom's full name and city of residence:

  Ceremony:Double-ring ______  Single-ring ______ (check one)
  Hour,date and place of ceremony:

  Who officiated, and relation, city, and church served:

  Bride's parents and residence:

  Groom's parents and residence:

  Brief description of church decorations:

  Candlelighters;names, residence, relation:

  Vocalists, pianist, organist; names, residence, relationship, songs sung:

  Bride given in marriage by:

  If different from father:

  Description of bridal gown, veil, bouquet:

  Maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids; names, residences, relation, gowns, bouquets:

  Flower girl; name residence, relation:

  Ring bearer; name, residence, relation:

  Best man, groomsmen, ushers; names, residences, relation:

  Description of male attire:

  Who registered guests; residence, relation, table decor:

  Reception, where held:

  Bride's table decorations:

  Wedding cake description:

  Servers at bride's table, residence, relation:

  Groom's table decorations and cake description:

  Servers at groom's table, residence, relation:

  Honeymoon trip:

  New home (city):

  Bride's background, education, occupation:

  Groom's background, education, occupation:

Please print out and mail to:
The Snyder Daily News * P.O. Box 949 * Snyder, Texas 79550

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